Skullcandy Method Sports Bluetooth Headsets – Review

If you like to listen to music during training and are looking for a product that will not restrict your movement and comfort, then you need special sports headphones. Skullcandy Method is one such product. Feel free to surf to my web page – best stereo bluetooth headset in order to get much more details regarding Sennheiser headset. We are introducing Skullcandy sports headphones test.

Some people can not imagine a workout without music, and for those people Skullcandy has prepared a series of sports headphones Method. At first glance they look great, but do they work well when running, crossfide or other activities? You will find the answer to this question in the following test.

In the middle of the package we find spare headphones, so together we will have two sets, plus a clip to pin the cable exactly where we want. In the set we also get a wristband and wristband with a logo and Skullcandy sign. All very nicely wrapped in a stylish box.

Appearance and quality of materials

On the manufacturer’s website, the Method series has as many as 8 different color combinations – our test headphones were yellow-blue. Quite pleasant color combinations that look very good and draw the attention of others. The modern Method design is certainly one of her biggest pluses.

The Skullcandy Method is ultralight. Virtually do not feel them in the exercise of any physical activity. It can be seen that in preparing this product the company put a lot of time to create something that really lets you enjoy the music during the sport.

Headphones are designed for the training environment, so dust, dirt, dust, sweat or even falls on hard surfaces during the crossfit are not terrible. It was thought that the headphones would become our integral part of our body and serve us well during training

Now the most interesting part of our test begins, as the Skullcandy Method has some very interesting solutions that improve training with them. First of all, these headphones have a specific design – they are more comfortable in the ear canal thanks to the curved earbuds.

They also have great headphones that allow for perfect fit to the ear canal, thus ensuring very good acoustic insulation. Through this design the earphones hold very firmly on the ear canal and do not fall out of the balance of the gold during training. After all, who would want to buy a handset that would come out of the ear and require a repositioning? The Skullcandy Method works great and nothing can make them fall out of the ear, and we have tried many activities such as jumping, trotting, running, etc.

It is also worth noting that the headphones have a built-in microphone to handle the telephone calls. Very interesting option, because we are able to react quickly and receive an important phone for us.

Also note the functionality of the clip, which is not an integral part of the cord, because it can be moved freely or even unfastened. We can boldly fasten the cord to the clothes wherever we want or allow it to move freely. This is of course a good solution, however, it is a shame that these sports headphones are not wireless. The cable itself and the mounting method are handy, although the better cable would be.

In general, the whole thing makes the headphones perform very well, they are very mobile and easy to use and they are sure to enjoy the first training. The biggest plus is the design of the headphones that keeps them in the ear canal and does not let them fall out of your ear.

Sound quality is good. They certainly win a high level of listening to the bass – the sound is strong and pure, which gives you a lot of fun with powerful electronic music. As we mentioned earlier, the curved design of the headphones and special overlays dampen ambient sounds well and allow for better listening to music tracks. This is of course a plus, and in terms of sound and listening you can not fault this product.

Price Skullcandy Method

The price of Skullcandy Method headphones is not excessive because it is at $40 (catalog price). This is ideal for someone who does not want to spend a lot and wants to get professional sports headphones with a microphone that will work out during training and will not fall out (just be ergonomic).

Skullcandy Method sports headphones have defended our test and scored high. Particularly noteworthy are the distinctive design that ensures a firm grip on the ear canal (not during training), integrated microphone and fully detachable clip. Lightweight in functionality because the headsets are not wireless. The sound quality of the headphones is good. The right price for this product makes the Skullcandy Method look good on the headphones and look at their purchase.

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